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Susie Pratt

Author of More or Less (EastOver Press, February 2022) & Nonfiction Bootcamp Alum

When I went through Nonfiction Bootcamp, it’s not so much that my manuscript changed, but that I changed in relationship to it. I [started to believe], Okay, I can write this, I can finish it. And that proved to be way more important to me. . . During the program, you get support around understanding yourself and investing in yourself as a creative—that’s huge. That’s not something I encounter anywhere else. It’s probably what an MFA is conferring on you . . . And this program is giving you access to that same sense of entitlement to do creative work.

Christina Larocco

Author of Cross Hatch (forthcoming from Blackwater Press in 2024) & Nonfiction Bootcamp Alum

I heard about nonfiction bootcamp after taking a webinar with Janna. I applied to the program, and then talked to Janna on the phone and on Zoom. I had several questions for her, because it is a financial commitment, but one that I found to be well worth the cost. At the end of our conversation … Janna said to me, ‘Imagine how you’ll feel if, a year from now, you still haven’t finished your book.’ And that made the decision for me. I decided right then and there and I’m SO glad I did.….it gave me structure, and community.

And the nature of support that Karen and Janna provided was so wonderful. I found their feedback to be incredibly warm and positive, but at the same time actionable and concrete. Now I’ve finished my book and I feel confident that I would not be sitting here, with a finished book, had I not gone through the program.

Cat Hubka

Nonfiction Bootcamp Alum

I felt really stuck and discouraged because I’d had a disappointing experience with my MFA program. I felt very dismissed because my story was difficult to tell. I felt like giving up. And then I met Janna and found out I wasn’t alone, because she was providing a structure through the Bootcamp, and other people were there showing up. Now, I feel great that I have my manuscript finally done. What I’m feeling now is how I wanted to feel when I was done with my MFA: I feel less like a poser, and more like a real artist. That’s the beauty of this program.

Joella Aragon

Nonfiction Bootcamp Alum

For years and years, I’ve had many stories locked up in my computer. Some of them were really good, and some of them were awful. I felt confused and lost, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to say and how I was going to get at it. With Nonfiction Bootcamp, I had to get real with myself. I was able to get focused, and nine months later I no longer feel confused about what I’m writing. I feel like I got my money’s worth.

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