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You know you have a book inside of you. You’ve been working on it for who knows how long—months, maybe years. You have the writing chops and a compelling story that will help others feel less alone. You’re dying to finish, but when? How?

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Nonfiction Bootcamp DIY is a video course for women writing nonfiction designed to help you to fully own and love the story you have to tell, and to support you in manifesting a sacred writing practice.


You have designated time and space to work on your book project and you no longer feel like you’re spinning your wheels. You have a personal vision statement and goals to support your vision, remind you why you are writing this book in the first place. You have established deadlines for yourself keeping you motivated to make progress, and you actually ARE making progress.

Even better...

You know where to go for additional support with live coaching and editing, if you decide that would be helpful for you.

For the first time in a very long time...

You are making visible progress on your manuscript, you are excited and motivated to work on it, and you feel confident in your writing.

NOTE: This course includes video content only. For office hours, community connection, and other events you can upgrade to More to the Story’ membership (monthly or annual options available).

You’ll benefit from:

  • Working through lessons & homework assignments at your own pace so that you don’t have to rearrange your schedule or worry about missing live sessions
  • Taking your time with each lesson, designed to be watched once a month for 9 months so that you can focus on one aspect of your book project at a time without feeling overwhelmed 
  • Going deep on topics of your personal vision, goals, schedule, creativity, rituals, mindset & wellness so that you can experience a shift in your relationship to your book and start to see real progress
  • Learning how your vision, goals, rituals, mindset and wellness directly affect your creativity and productivity so that you maintain motivation for your book project
  • Implementing practical changes so that you start making visible progress on your book manuscript
  • Releasing the feeling of frantic pressure around your book project so that you can embrace a sense of grace and ease

Nonfiction Bootcamp DIY Assists You in Three Areas:


A structure that keeps you focused and facilitates both your process and outcome


A story that exists as written materials you can work with on the page


A sanctuary that protects and upholds your writing as a sacred practice

What to Expect in Nonfiction Bootcamp DIY:

Work through Nonfiction Bootcamp DIY video content at your own pace. These lessons are designed to help you go deep on topics such as your personal vision, goals, schedule, creativity, and more. The content includes 10+ hours of video content, homework assignments, and exercises that you can work through at your own pace.

What Others Say About Working with Us


Nonfiction Bootcamp DIY is a self-paced video course created by Janna Marlies Maron. It’s currently 10+ hours of content, homework assignments, and exercises designed to help women find their voice and finish their book. Yes, it is possible to finish a book in less than one year—it takes focus, commitment, and support.

Nonfiction Bootcamp DIY is for women writing a nonfiction book about a personal story of transformation. We say that the story is one of transformation because often women are compelled to tell the story of something big they have overcome like a diagnosis or adoption or finding the courage to start a business and how it has completely changed their life, for the better. They know that what they have been through can also help change the lives of others, for the better, and that is why they are compelled to write a book.

The women we work with are typically working through major life shifts that often makes the material hard to write because they are revisiting painful or challenging memories. This is why it’s essential for them to find a safe and supportive space to do this work. The work is hard and, yes, can be painful, but it is also therapeutic and deeply healing.

Nonfiction Bootcamp DIY is designed for you to engage with one lesson per month for 9 months. But it’s self-paced, so you should feel free to take as little or as much time as you need with lesson.

If you qualify for the bonus of 6 months of community membership, you’ll also be a member of our online community called More to the Story. The online community is where you will access everything you need: office hour events, quarterly masterclasses and seminars, our course library archive.

The community is also where you can post updates just like you would on any other social network platform; you can comment and interact with your fellow participants and our editors. There’s also a direct message chat feature and much more. You’ll access the recorded video content on your own time, meet with your peers and editors every other week for office hours, all while you’re working on your manuscript.

This program is designed to help writers finish their book and complete a manuscript that is ready for next steps. It is not designed for helping you get published or teaching you how to go about getting it published. We may look at options for how to share your work that could potentially include publishing but, no, that is not the focus of this program.

the world needs your story more now than ever.